Our innovation advisory services

Our courses spring from our advisory work with clients in businesses, governments, research, institutions and education.

Every engagement starts with a conversation, most often initiated by the client.

We explore the future state, the outcome, that you want to create and why that is valuable – worth doing.

If we estimate that the impact that we could create valuable enough to you, we explore further.

From there we in more depth about circumstances that impact the vision, the need, the pain that has lead to the client’s urgency to explore ways to bring it about.

Once we agree that we understand well the shape of things, the resources at hand and needed, the market, cultural, technical and social forces at work, we propose a few possible approaches.

If we still feel we’ve characterized the problem and the potential value; if we still feel we’re on the right track to a solution, then we talk more about our proposed approaches until we agree on one, and the terms of our engagement.