Our next course: September 23rd, 2019

Leading Disruptive Innovation (LDI)

Monday, September 23rd to Thursday, September 26th, 2019

Center for Innovation Education, Rutgers University, Somerset, New Jersey

Price (before Sept. 20th): $4995/person

Who has attended LDI?

We’ve had seasoned executives, raising leaders. Fortune 50 & 100 global enterprises, family businesses, spinoffs, luxury brands, 100+ year old icons, startups. Teams and iconoclasts. Chiefs of staff, directors, engineers, sales people, design thinkers. Old guards and young turks.

Why attend LDI?

Because today’s pace of change is as slow as it will every be in the rest of your career. Because if you are not disrupting your business, someone else is.
Because innovation can start anywhere in your company, but sustainable innovation that drives broad growth is be lead by a coherent vision of your business’ future must be made now.
Because new ideas without informed direction and without decisive support do not become innovations.
Because sustainable innovation starts with culture. And your culture starts with leaders.


Mike Grandinetti
Four Hewes
Owen Johnson

Guest Speakers

Barbara Ingram, Regulation / Insurance
Jaimie Foxx, Software / Enterprise
Maria Guglielmo, Finance / Industrial
Paul Sullivan, Finance / Pharma
John S. Barresi, Operations / Luxury
Chris Brennan, Retail / Pro Sports

Course overview

The Leading Disruptive Innovation Certificate Program at Rutgers is a 4-day, hands-on immersion program where you learn to think critically during a time when so many models and principles no longer apply – or work as effectively. Roll up your sleeves to solvereal‐world challenges and figure out what bestpractices to modify or throw out, while subject matter experts and professional instructors guide you through every step. Throughout the program, you’ll build andrefine your toolset while developing a unique roadmap to use back at your organization.



Day 1

8:30-9:00 : Welcome and Orientation
9:00-12:00 : Disruptive Leadership
1:00-4:30 : Leading Through Perpetual Change

Day 2
9:00-12:00 : Decision Making/Analytical Thinking
1:00-4:30 : Organizational Culture & Leadership

Day 3
9:00-12:00 : Disruptive Experiences I
1:00-4:30 : Disruptive Experiences II

Day 4
9:00-12:00 : The Digital Economy
1:00-4:30 : Ideas In Action